Multi-Function Displays, Training Bezels, Electronic Control Assemblies, and customized Software Solutions for Military Simulation Uses.

About Us

SIMULATOR PRODUCT SOLUTIONS LLC was originally established in 1999 by Nabil Radi, who continues to serve as the company President and a significant shareholder, in response to the military simulation and training industry’s need for high quality, cost effective simulated aircraft Bezels, Multi-Function Displays, Lighted Panels, and related Software Solutions. Today, the company is part of Orbit International Corp.’s Electronics Group (, which allows SPS to offer its customers an extensive array of additional capabilities.

the company, and its predecessor, has been the Low Cost and Quality Leader in the Design, Manufacture and Supply of Military Simulation and Training Bezels and Electronic Control Assemblies.

During this period SPS has grown to be a highly respected leader in the military simulation and training industry by meeting the needs of major prime contractors, the US and friendly militaries, and systems integrators.

In this highly competitive market, SPS offers cost-effective Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) designs which meet the unique specifications of each program.


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